We are your average suburban American family of 4. We are a husband and wife with two kids and a dog. We have one income to support our family. However, there is one exception to our otherwise typical life… we plan to retire in 10 years by the age of 40.

How, you ask? Surely we must have a rich, dying uncle. Or high power jobs as CEO’s. Maybe we robbed a bank. As exciting as all of those stories would be, the truth is a little more boring. We go to work, save money, make investments, and limit spending. Seriously, that’s it. Sounds impossible, right?

It’s not. Follow along with us as we share our story and our strategies. We have 10 years to build up enough of a nest egg to last us the rest of our lives, not to mention care for our children and send them to college. It’s going to be a wild ride, but we’re thrilled to be on this journey. After all, who wants to spend their entire lives working, only to retire when you’re too old to enjoy life? We want that lifestyle now! We want to travel and show our children the world, wake up at noon, spend weekdays on the boat, and do…whatever we want!

So, who are we? We each wrote a description about the other to keep it as honest as possible.

She said: L is 29, an Army Veteran and full-time firefighter. A total smartass, unafraid of confrontation, and very protective of his family. Probably the best dad a kid could ever ask for. He’s ambitious and his wheels are always turning.

He said: S is a loving mother that shows more compassion to the world than I ever could.  A great photographer, furniture restorer, and is the foundation to our family.  She keeps us grounded when we get out of hand and has her own way of enforcing order with minimal words.  All the husbands reading this know I’m referring to “the look.”  Hers is impressive!

We hope to share what we have accomplished and what we’re learning along the way, and we hope to inspire others to join us.



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